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    Zabo Chabiland - Sleeping Odyssey

    18:30Stützpunkt UG

    A piece performed while falling asleep on a Keyboard.

    For Zabo Chabiland, live performance induces an almost hypnotic state. Narcolepsy is not something she normally suffers from, until she sits at a keyboard. Her ambition has never been to play the instrument, rather to ride it, surfing the waves of sound. By shifting the pressure of her elbows along the keyboard, a musical dream can be heard playing in the distance, somewhere deep in her imagination. When she finally wakes up the piece is over and  as waking from any long nap, she feels thoroughly relaxed, well-rested, squinting from the light, wondering what it was she just dreamt. Ken Shakin

    Sleeping Odyssey is the last version a sleeping tour that started in 2008.
    Especially cosmic for the subdivision of Grautag records: Sunatra