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    Daniel Matz & Marilyn Mouradian & Kobakant „Humanimal“

    17:00Stützpunkt outdoor an der Kaffebar

    An interactive sound performance

    Daniel Matz likes to com­bine orna­men­tal melodies with painstak­ing chordal work, cre­at­ing a sound that is both thrilling and dis­turb­ing. It’s a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed music, that grows from a core of a seem­ingly unend­ing play­ful­ness and excitement.

    Marilyn Mouradian a.k.a Melody (FR), multipolar artist started exploring the microcosmos of the body while studying medicine and is working in the field of movement. Fascinated by the animal spirit and closely connected to the importance of energy related to human existence she creates a visual improvisation of expression.

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