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  • So

    Valentin Ginies

    14:00Stützpunkt UG oder Outdoor

    Filled with organic sounds, field recordings, analog synths, electro-acoustics, drones and noises… prepare for an ambient experimental journey to the deeper levels of consciousness. A heavy past of dark energy resonates within the devil’s mountain. Today we communicate dark and light. The emotions of life we understand but cannot put into words. The melancholy and blissfulness of the human condition. Welcome to the imperfect perfection of the present moment.

    Setting out to break boundaries in this inter-active musical experience using the Dots Gallery on the 2nd floor. This dome is the highest point of Berlin. We will be using it as a live effects room transmitting live audio through 250 meters of send and return cables. The unique acoustics of the dome interacting with the old bathroom of the building makes this a very unusual, creative way to use the environment to impact the music real time.