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    Siegfried Kärcher

    23:00Stützpunkt. UG

    Siegfried Kärcher (Frankfurt/M) (*1974) is an Artist Extraordinaire and known for his creative approaches to Art and Music working in Frankfurt/Main.

    After passsing the Test for the Highly Gifted he studied Free Arts. He is a early member of the Computer Scene since Commodore Homecomputers appeared and infected with the Electronic Music Virus since his first dancing steps at Technoclub Dorian Gray Frankfurt Fame.

    Nowadays he hosts several underground events like 303 DAY or Glitch it! Festival or the Siegfried Kärcher Kunsttage located at the Post-Cold-War Station Radom auf der Wasserkuppe.
    Siegfried Kärcher will sample live at Teufelsberg and perform a Concert with the collected Teufelsberg Materials.